Imber Bees


The Honey Bees have arrived at Imber. The first hive is now in place and will shortly be joined by a second. The bees are quite active as I understand Simon and Calum have found out……

Yogi will be our resident Bee Keeper mentored by one of our members who has been keeping bees for years.

The hives are placed over the back of the club near the footbridge to 40 acres.

Imber Honey  will soon be on display in the Metropole and will be available to members who may wish to make a contribution to the Met Police Widows and Orphans fund.


Caption Competition?


Judging by this picture it appears that everyone is hanging on every word from Uncle Kevin – but can you guess what he is saying? I know it is Valentines Day but I do not think he is whispering sweet nothings….

I understand Yogi was present so he may be able to shed some light on this.

Perhaps more importantly; Where is this little known room at Imber? What was it used for?  What is the plan for its future use?