Spooky Family Bike Ride at Imber

A fantastic event at Imber last week and well done to Yogi for enabling this to happen – a real success and hopefully some more similar events in the future. I have copied the report of the day from their own blog and have reproduced it below;


We took to the grounds of Imber Court in Molesey during the Half Term Break and had a great spooky time and Family Bike Ride.

Wanting to promote Family Biking and encourage everyone to get riding we thought there was no finer time to do it than Halloween. 

Offering kids a chance to dress up in costumes, even dress up their bikes and participate with their friends, siblings, Mum’s and Dad’s….what a great plan!


Costumes on and ready to go..

So Summer Road Events took to planning and were thrilled to be invited by Imber Court to use their rather gorgeous grounds.  We soon shook up the pretty scenes with some spooky additions, giant spiders, bats, skeletons, witches hats and broomsticks, cobwebs and fantastic pumpkins.  With the glorious colours of Autumn the scenes were perfectly set.

Waiting for the date to come round was rather scary too, with high winds hitting a week before and heavy rain the day before you can imagine the joy we all had when we possibly had the warmest 27thOctober ever!  The sun blazed, the sky was blue and we were set to welcome the families.

We were pleased with the steady amount of families registering from our marketing and a last minute surge with families booking and parents taking time off to cycle together, younger siblings getting some good practise on their balance bikes, and some taking to speedy scootering. 

Kingston Cycling Campaign kindly joined us with Jon and Rob offering a Dr Bike service before we set off, which was much appreciated by the families getting ready.


And they’re off…..

The final line up took place at 10.45am and the sounds of very excited children dressed as pumpkins, witches, skeletons, monsters, super-heros echoed around the terrace of Imber Court.. and they were off!!!

The roar of squeals as they passed the start line was amazing, and the smiles shone almost as brightly as the sunshine.

Our map shows the spooky ride route.  Past the Skeleton Football Stadium and over the Zombie Crossing, then beside the Ghost Field towards the dreaded Haunted Hill. The kids enjoyed the challenge of reaching the top and most did easily racing their sibblings to then pass over the murky river and on to Witches Willow.  For those little ones that needed a little extra help up, they were not disappointed and a little push for us was a pleasure, to see them cycle off and to continue on the track.


Map of the Spooky route

The path was the perfect safe haven for parents to relax and let their kids go at their comfortable speed.  Some older siblings were proudly lapping their younger brother and sisters.  We saw parents racing each other and children.  Everyone enjoying their moments on the track.. such fun!


After the ride, everyone returned to the terrace and the club house.  Enjoying the lovely weather, many stayed and socialised and had lunch from the Spooky Menu at the restaurant.

For us this was a great opportunity to hand over to all our young riders their Family Bike Ride Medals and some goodies.


Well done to everyone that took part in the Spooky Family Bike Ride and thank you to everyone that helped us along the way.


Did summer arrive at Imber today?

Today is one of the hottest in February in 100 years’ according to a well known daily newspaper.

Is that headline mirrored by activity at Imber?


Outdoor tennis in February , that’s a start.


Horwood Lodge is getting a spring trim. Is this Dave’s new apprentice groundsman he keeps promising , he certainly looks young enough, however I am not sure of the ‘happy look’. Perhaps it is in an early bid for this years Groundsman’s Calendar, Mr February?


and for those trying to find our Club Manager today , he was over the back on 40 Acre admiring the views…..

The early birds catch the worms

View from the Crossfit2012 Box

They do start early at Crossfit here at Imber, but they do have some of the best views of course.

Matt runs Crossfit with his partner Liz and I bumped into them this Saturday emerging from the Club House with their new baby, Jackson. He looked a bit guilty as he had just finished tucking into our eight item breakfast which I am sure does not conform to a healthy Crossfit diet!

Anyway he told me about the Teen Crossfit Camps he will be running for 14 – 17 year olds during the school holidays.

Seems like a good idea to me to get the teenagers out doing some exercise and something for themselves, instead of their usual routines of helping us out at home, cleaning their rooms, helping in the garden etc. They may even meet some new friends….


Sunrise from the ImberPool

Following on from Crossfit’s pictures of the sun rising from their workout at Imber, Katie (Mackie) has posted pictures of the sun rising yesterday from her view from the ImberPool

Thank you Katie , much appreciated.

For anyone who fancies taking in these views as you have a morning swim remember the ImberPool opens early and here is how it was looking inside yesterday morning;


If anyone wants to share pictures of Imber please email them to me stephen.cassidy@imbercourt.com.


Imber Groundsman Calendar

As Christmas is approaching a few of our members have asked what next year’s nominated charity will be for Imber. Well that got us thinking as to ways that we could raise some money.

After a lot of thought and consideration we have decided that we should have an Imber Court Groundsmen Calendar. As we all know they are a very photogenic bunch and with the superb backdrop of the Imber Court grounds surely it cannot fail to make money for our chosen charity.

We have managed a few photo shoots so far…………

A spring month perhaps?
Danny as Mr November?
Mr Happy with his large John Deere for October

Any way if anyone is out and about in the grounds and manage to find one of our Groundsmen please take a picture and email them to me at the usual address stephen.cassidy@imbercourt.com.

I will be sure to share…….




Benny the Imber Cat


Not very well known , not seen by many but ‘Benny’ our Imber Cat often does the night shift out on his beat patrolling the stables.

For those that have walked the beat on ‘nights’ know , it is a hard shift and a good excuse for a long sleep during the day. Benny needs no excuses and is often found sleeping in his favourite position on top of the photocopier.