Centenary Party Time this Saturday

Yes we are in our 100th year and we will be celebrating this Saturday from 2pm to 6pm with our Centenary Party  – all our welcome and there will be lots for everyone to enjoy. Even if you are not a member of our Club please feel free to come down and enjoy the afternoon’s celebration with us.

As it is our Centenary lets have a little look back before we party on Saturday…..

Imber Court is a Club with a police heritage which we are proud of. You will notice this as you use the Club House, the facilities and grounds as there are many artifacts, pictures etc reminding us of the heritage. The club is also home to the Metropolitan Police Rugby, Football, Cricket and Bowls Clubs.

In respect of our history the land was purchased in 1919 with the original purpose of providing a training centre for the Metropolitan Police Mounted Branch which is still here (Police Horses will be part of our celebration this Saturday).  However not all the land was required and in the early 1920’s much of the land and meadows were turned into playing surfaces with monies that police officers donated themselves. A donation from The National Police Fund (Charity) also paid for the building of the main clubhouse.

The Club was ‘officially’ opened on 11th June 1929 by H.R.H. Prince George and has operated as a sports and recreation facility since then serving not only Police Officers and their families but also many families from our local community  (at our last count this numbered over 600 local residents).

Over the intervening years the Club has operated (as it still does today) as a non-profit making facility. This means any profits made (through our commercial activities) are always ploughed back into the Club, enhancing the facilities for all its users.

Becoming a member at Imber Court is a straight forward process and if you are interested pop in and talk to our staff, visit our website www.imbercourt.com   , email Julie.Duke@imbercourt.com or ring the office on 0208 398 1267 x 4 and ask for Julie our membership secretary.



Imber Pool Manager…or John Lennon?


On 29th March, Esher Resident Phill Marshall and ImberPool Manager aka John Lennon, will be putting on another fantastic live music event at Imber with a brand new show and, as seen in the past few years, a host of very talented local young musicians.

Phill’s uncanny resemblance to the original in his looks, voice and stage performances are well known locally and he’s been in Beatles Theatre shows in Britain and abroad for many years, alongside a very busy life running the Swimming School at Imber. This new show celebrates the life and music of the great John Lennon, comprising all the most memorable Beatles hits and songs from Lennon’s solo career. No shortage of songs there to simply watch and listen nor of those rockin’ numbers that always get the whole audience onto the dance floor for good old boogie, so put your dancing shoes on and come to Imbercourt for a night of world class music and a a lot of fun!

As in previous years all the young musicians take part in the main show as well as performing their own sets, matching the musicianship and high quality performance of the experienced, giving these young artists a real professional experience of the big stage. They always rise up to the challenge and live up to the expectations with great performances.

The Motive have been part of this event for a few years running and developed into an amazing band. They’re all at College now, ACM, Esher and Hampton Boys, and the band have just been put on the Artist Development Program at Metropolis Studios. This year they will be performing a full set of originals, the band now have thousands of followers and stream hits via Spotify.

The Circuits is a new band, all Year 11s from Hinchley Wood School apart from one from Tiffin’s. They will be performing covers but are already writing their own songs so watch the space for this new exciting band.

Scarlet Litster wowed the audience last year with her amazing voice and Theatrical style. Now at The Brit School of Music doing Musical Theatre, she has her eyes on the West End.

So if you fancy a night out enquire in the office or ring 0208 398 1267 (x4)

Heroic Games at Imber Court

heroic games

The Vision

The vision is to create The Heroic Games; a CrossFit competition run by our partners Crossfit2012 supporting Help for Heroes, becoming a landmark event in the national
and then hopefully international CrossFit calendar.

Situated at Imber Court Sports Club, Surrey, the proposal is to use the
significant existing infrastructure to stage an event which will appeal to
athletes and members of the public alike. The event will be held across 2
days annually in the summer at Imber Court Sports Club, and will include
individual, adaptive and team entries.
The event will utilise only Hero WOD’s (workout of the day) to make the
competition unique to the CrossFit competition calendar, and further
support Help for Heroes. Hero WOD’s are special workouts designed and
dedicated to servicemen and servicewomen, who have lost their lives
in the call of duty, and shared a passion for CrossFit, being the fittest/
healthiest version of themselves. When these workouts are undertaken,
and people understand the meaning behind them, the commitment and
focus to complete the WOD is unrivalled. The desire is to capture this true
dedication to the cause in a competitive fitness spectacle.


Currently on site is CrossFit 2012’s studio nestled within a sports stadium
which itself is capable of seating up to 600 people. Facing a rugby pitch,
this would then become the main competition arena.


The Heroic Games would be an athletic competition inspired by those
which take place in America called the CrossFit Games which have been
held every summer since 2007. Consisting of aerobic, weight lifting,
obstacle and gymnastic exercises, competitors aim to win the ‘Fittest
on Earth’ title. Participation has over the years grown rapidly with pre
qualification taking place across the world. Total prize payouts currently
top $2.2 million and the event is sponsored by Reebok. In 2017, the
games were broadcast on CBS Sports.
A long term goal would be to become a recognised sanctioned CrossFit
event, which would allow attending athletes to qualify for the CrossFit
Games. This would make the Heroic Games an internationally recognised
competition, with unrivalled exposure.

Imber Open Day

It was a gloriously hot day at the beginning of the month when we welcomed new guests and existing members to discover just some of the facilities we have to offer. Our Tae Kwon-Do team were there showing off their moves, as well as the dotty dog show, slimming world, Met Rugby and many more! Not to mention, the fantastic Pirates on Bikes, hosted by Family Bike Show, who have posted their own blog of events, right here



Oh, Goody!

Our staff our continuing to work hard to make this Open Day extra special; they’ve been preparing goody bags, our only hope is we’ve got enough. They’re filled with amazing deals, information on our grounds, amenities, classes and benefits. As well as goodies. Strangely!

#ImberCourt #InTheChairAtImberCourt #ImberPaloozagoodie! (2)

In the Imber

Both Dogs and Grounds are being groomed and pruned read for our Open Day this Sunday. With categories such as Waggiest Tail, be sure to get practising in preparation for the Dotty Dog Show. We’ve also all been out in force, tending to the flowers and the kitchen garden to make sure we look our best. There’s a lot of buzz this week as the excitement around the club grows for everyone, including the #CrossFit2012 team, who are hosting a competition in their newly built box. That’s a Gym to the rest of us.

#ImberCourt #ImberPalooza

Superhero Family Bike Ride at Imber

We were absolutely thrilled to be joined by the strongest and most powerful Superheroes at Imber.  Celebrating family cycling together and taking an enjoyable post-Christmas bike ride around the stunning grounds of Imber Court.

We know how busy our heroes are every day saving the world keeping us safe from the baddies, and it was great to see them in action whizzing round the track!


Many of us were relieved when they used their amazing strength and super powers, managing to stop the downpours of rain half an hour before they set off! Yes they were over the moon to enjoy their ride with a little blue sky and unexpected sunshine.


There was a great atmosphere, and lots of smiles.   It was good to see families enjoying cycling together.  The ride offers a simple loop suiting all abilities, and easy for the parents of the younger ones to follow on foot too.

The Superheroes had a great chance to show off their super- fast riding and scooting, and for some a chance to practice on their new Christmas bikes and scooters.

The riders were all rewarded afterwards with a Family Bike Ride Medal and some well-earned treats.

Thank you to everyone that came and enjoyed the day, and to all our great staff at Imber Court who have, as always, been so helpful and welcoming to the Superheroes.

We were also joined by Momentum a locally registered charity supporting children with cancer or life-limiting conditions and their families.  Thank you to everyone that donated to this great cause.

If you would like to receive further updates on our Family Bike Rides in 2018 please contact lisa@summerroadevents.co.uk or register on http://www.familybikeshow.co.uk/familybikerides.

Spooky Family Bike Ride at Imber

A fantastic event at Imber last week and well done to Yogi for enabling this to happen – a real success and hopefully some more similar events in the future. I have copied the report of the day from their own blog and have reproduced it below;


We took to the grounds of Imber Court in Molesey during the Half Term Break and had a great spooky time and Family Bike Ride.

Wanting to promote Family Biking and encourage everyone to get riding we thought there was no finer time to do it than Halloween. 

Offering kids a chance to dress up in costumes, even dress up their bikes and participate with their friends, siblings, Mum’s and Dad’s….what a great plan!


Costumes on and ready to go..

So Summer Road Events took to planning and were thrilled to be invited by Imber Court to use their rather gorgeous grounds.  We soon shook up the pretty scenes with some spooky additions, giant spiders, bats, skeletons, witches hats and broomsticks, cobwebs and fantastic pumpkins.  With the glorious colours of Autumn the scenes were perfectly set.

Waiting for the date to come round was rather scary too, with high winds hitting a week before and heavy rain the day before you can imagine the joy we all had when we possibly had the warmest 27thOctober ever!  The sun blazed, the sky was blue and we were set to welcome the families.

We were pleased with the steady amount of families registering from our marketing and a last minute surge with families booking and parents taking time off to cycle together, younger siblings getting some good practise on their balance bikes, and some taking to speedy scootering. 

Kingston Cycling Campaign kindly joined us with Jon and Rob offering a Dr Bike service before we set off, which was much appreciated by the families getting ready.


And they’re off…..

The final line up took place at 10.45am and the sounds of very excited children dressed as pumpkins, witches, skeletons, monsters, super-heros echoed around the terrace of Imber Court.. and they were off!!!

The roar of squeals as they passed the start line was amazing, and the smiles shone almost as brightly as the sunshine.

Our map shows the spooky ride route.  Past the Skeleton Football Stadium and over the Zombie Crossing, then beside the Ghost Field towards the dreaded Haunted Hill. The kids enjoyed the challenge of reaching the top and most did easily racing their sibblings to then pass over the murky river and on to Witches Willow.  For those little ones that needed a little extra help up, they were not disappointed and a little push for us was a pleasure, to see them cycle off and to continue on the track.


Map of the Spooky route

The path was the perfect safe haven for parents to relax and let their kids go at their comfortable speed.  Some older siblings were proudly lapping their younger brother and sisters.  We saw parents racing each other and children.  Everyone enjoying their moments on the track.. such fun!


After the ride, everyone returned to the terrace and the club house.  Enjoying the lovely weather, many stayed and socialised and had lunch from the Spooky Menu at the restaurant.

For us this was a great opportunity to hand over to all our young riders their Family Bike Ride Medals and some goodies.


Well done to everyone that took part in the Spooky Family Bike Ride and thank you to everyone that helped us along the way.