Saturday Afternoon at Imber

Having recently praised the good work of our Grounds Staff at Imber, I thought this Saturday I would put it to the test and have a run out myself on Pitch 4 (as a referee of course). The big match was Maori Vets v The Milk Marketing Board which resulted in a battling 2-2 draw.

Ref seen running energetically around the center circle

The good news is that the weather was good , the pitch was in fine condition for this time of year, and I survived the 90 minutes.

Maori vets have been playing here for many, many years now and often feed back on how much they enjoy being at Imber  with the pitch, good changing room facilities and of course the Club House. They are always found there post match enjoying some well earned refreshments whilst dwelling on their sporting prowess.

I did ask for some feedback on my refereeing and was met by the following reaction;

How did the ref perform?
The Mighty Maori Vets , regular users of Imber


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