Did summer arrive at Imber today?

Today is one of the hottest in February in 100 years’ according to a well known daily newspaper.

Is that headline mirrored by activity at Imber?


Outdoor tennis in February , that’s a start.


Horwood Lodge is getting a spring trim. Is this Dave’s new apprentice groundsman he keeps promising , he certainly looks young enough, however I am not sure of the ‘happy look’. Perhaps it is in an early bid for this years Groundsman’s Calendar, Mr February?


and for those trying to find our Club Manager today , he was over the back on 40 Acre admiring the views…..

Caption Competition?


Judging by this picture it appears that everyone is hanging on every word from Uncle Kevin – but can you guess what he is saying? I know it is Valentines Day but I do not think he is whispering sweet nothings….

I understand Yogi was present so he may be able to shed some light on this.

Perhaps more importantly; Where is this little known room at Imber? What was it used for?  What is the plan for its future use?


Coffee at Imber?

For those that enjoy their coffee we have a new machine at Imber, the Caramali Diva!


The official description states “Diva is the new exclusive Carimali semi-automatic espresso machine, the perfect combination of state-of-the-art technology and design”.

I understand from those that enjoy their coffee that this is a step up from our previous machine. Let me know.

See our Imber ‘Diva in action



Saturday Afternoon at Imber

Having recently praised the good work of our Grounds Staff at Imber, I thought this Saturday I would put it to the test and have a run out myself on Pitch 4 (as a referee of course). The big match was Maori Vets v The Milk Marketing Board which resulted in a battling 2-2 draw.

Ref seen running energetically around the center circle

The good news is that the weather was good , the pitch was in fine condition for this time of year, and I survived the 90 minutes.

Maori vets have been playing here for many, many years now and often feed back on how much they enjoy being at Imber  with the pitch, good changing room facilities and of course the Club House. They are always found there post match enjoying some well earned refreshments whilst dwelling on their sporting prowess.

I did ask for some feedback on my refereeing and was met by the following reaction;

How did the ref perform?
The Mighty Maori Vets , regular users of Imber