Christmas is over…….

Here we go, into the New Year and lots of promises in the form of resolutions made. I have made two. Nothing unusual in them, one is around weight and the other around alcohol.

Today I went to the Imber Gym and signed up to the Imber Court Body Reboot and am embarking on a programme to get healthier with the support of Lee and Calum. I have also committed to not having any alcohol until the start of the Cheltenham Festival.

First step was the weigh in and ensuring that the scales were up to it!.

Of course I will not be doing this alone and have ‘insisted’ that Yogi and Nick join me and I am just waiting on some evidence of Nick’s weigh in.

Please feel free to join in the funit is free for members and hopefully will result in positive change. There are prizes for the biggest losers and it is not often you can say that.

As an opening prize Mercedes has offered to cook a very healthy lunch free of charge in the Metropole Restaurant  for whoever is closest to guessing the combined wight (in kilogrammes) of Yogi and myself today at our weigh in. I will give you a clue there are three figures in the total.




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