Spreading the Muck at Imber

Now for those reading this expecting to hear the latest gossip from the Imber Dog Club I am afraid you will be bitterly disappointed.

When Yogi said to me yesterday ‘get yourself down to Imber early I have a pleasant surprise for you’, I was not expecting this;

12 Wheelie Bins full of Horse Manure kindly donated by our friends from Mounted Branch

Anyway the pleasant surprise was that’ Dave The Grounds’ was also there to help. You may remember Dave , he is the star of the ‘Imber Court Groundsmen Calendar‘ and can occasionally be found during the winter drinking tea by the electric fire in the Grounds Yard Hut.


So all we had to do was tip the 12 wheelie bins full of muck onto the Kitchen Garden area and as Yogi said sit back during the winter and we will be ready to go in the spring.

It was back breaking work for some but I am sure Yogi appreciated the words of advice he was getting from Dave who was concerned that Yogi had missed some at the back of the bin.

The mucks in now and just needs to be spread. A great effort by all and a big step forward in the progress of Imbers Kitchen Garden

For the educated ones, can anyone give us the famous Francis Bacon quote to do with muck?

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