The ‘Rear Gate’ Roundabout

Last night I bumped into one of our members Jim McCulloch from the Imber Court Dog Club. Good news, his ankle is on the mend and he had just been back in the Imber Pool for his weekly game of Volley Ball.

At our last committee meeting Jim volunteered his services to tidy up our Rear Gate Roundabout and in his word ‘plant a few things’. For those that use the rear gate this roundabout has been a bit of an eyesore and in need of some love and attention.

Well no more.

Jim reports that the roundabout has been worked upon and has now been planted with 500 Daffodil bulbs. A huge thank you on behalf of our Club to Jim and his fellow volunteers for making a difference.


I am looking forward to this coming spring with the first sighting of the mass of daffodils and produce from Yogi’s Kitchen Garden.


Rear Gate Roundabout

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