Calum’s Rack

I bumped into Calum from our Imber Gym over the weekend. He was unloading some stuff from the rear of his car and as you can see from the photo appeared very pleased with himself.


The item in the box is a new ‘Rack’ for the gym that Calum had purchased from an online auction at a vastly reduced price. Anyway being the helpful person I am, I helped Calum carry it into the gym. I did not want to display my ignorance of gym matters and what goes on in such places but I did ask Calum what plans he had for the gym.

It quickly became apparent that between Calum and Lee that they have plans afoot for a make over of our gym. From listening to them both it is clear that they must be avid followers of Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and his ‘Changing Rooms’ programmes.


Anyway they are currently on the look out for some inspirational pictures and messages for our gym walls. If anyone has any ideas or can contribute in any way please pop in and see Lee or Calum or leave a message for them by commenting here.



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