Imber Kitchen Garden Progress (of sorts)


Dave The Groundsman has organised the relocation of some old railway sleepers to enhance the boundaries of our kitchen garden which is now starting to take shape.

Dave looks very pleased with himself as Yogi ‘inspects’ the railway sleepers, however I am not so sure he should be, judging by the  look on Yogi’s face…. Anyway a job for tomorrow to get them set into the ground – anyone up for a bit of manual lifting – I understand all the staff had the manual lifting course last week.

On a more positive note Yogi’s inspection then moved onto the progress of the Broad Beans, I note a few quizzical looks, but I have been assured the first green shoots can be seen. From little acorns……

Changing the subject completely I understand our Imber Court Dog Club visited the Orchard School in East Molesey today to give a demonstration with some of their German Shepherds. A great success I hear and a big thank you to our Dog Club members for giving up their time to do this. I am sure it was very much appreciated by the girls and boys at the school.


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