‘Imber Court Body Reboot’


Details of the Imber Court Body Reboot starting in the New Year

Let Imber Court structure your new year regime for your body reboot for FREE.

Do you need that bit of discipline by turning up once a week in our Gym to be ‘weighed in’ by Lee or Calum who will also be on hand for that extra bit of fitness and dietary advice.

Need some extra help , well make use of our fantastic Gym and Staff or some of our exercise and fitness classes that run weekly at Imber that are now offering 20% Discounts to all Imber Court members;

Clubbercise on Monday Nights  (20% Discount)

Zoe Hodgson’s Pilates on Wednesday mornings (20% Discount)

Tae Kwando on Wednesday evenings (20% Discount)

Circuit Training on Saturday mornings

and a range of Aqua Fit classes in our very own ImberPool on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

AquaFit at the ImberPool

There is no excuse – sign up to the Imber Court Body reboot today by going to the Imber office or ring on 0208 398 1267 x4



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