Imber Court Body Reboot

It has started early! The founder members of the Imber Court Fat Club  are off to an early start.

Clearly there has been a covert weigh in at Imber this week refereed by Lee one of our Fitness Instructors in the Gym. Rumour and speculation indicates that there is a significant financial incentive between the three of them

One source has been quoted “Those three need the head start and I hope the scales are up to it “

The Imber Court Body Reboot will start officially in January with weigh-ins in our Gym. It will be free to all Club Members.

There will also be a range of offers and discounts from our partners at Imber (Clubbercise, Crossfit, Pilates ) to name a few.

Not forgetting of course that we have our  Gym with two Fitness Instructors , our ImberPool  and the completely separate gym/fitness regime that the Imber Court Boxing Club offers.


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