Imber Court Fat Club?

I am hearing that there maybe plans afoot to start an Imber Court Fat Club in January……. or did they say Fitness Club?


Early days, but I am told that it will run from January to the end of March with weekly weigh ins at your convenience in the Gym supervised by Lee or Calum. They will also be on hand of course to offer guidance on fitness etc. For those that have not met Lee or Calum have a look at our website or go to one of our previous posts on facebook

What’s worrying me is I understand that the organiser has an expectation that the Club Chairman, current Manager and previous Manager will lead the charge by weighing in first. I hope we form an orderly queue…….


No detail as yet on prizes for the winners but of course all losers become winners anyway.

As I hear more I will update via this blog and I am sure there will be a poster shortly in the Club House and details on our facebook.

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