Imber’s Kitchen Garden


Regular users of our Club may have noticed the recent removal of the shrubbery and bushes from the area in front of the gym. This was not to provide more work for our grounds men but to clear ground to create our very own kitchen garden at Imber.

Among the many talents that our manager Yogi has is his green fingers. Rumour has it that tucked away somewhere in an allotment in west London he has his very own vine yard which produces his many bottles of ‘vin Yogi’.

Yogi working on his allotment

Anyway Yogi has decided to put his talent to good use at Imber and is in the process of creating the ‘Imber Kitchen Garden’. A lot of hard work has gone in already in preparing the ground but already we have garlic and broad beans planted. Having the police horses next door is a real bonus providing an endless supply of fertilizer!

Looking forward to the spring Yogi will be planting courgettes, potatoes, carrots, onions, beetroot and leeks. When you see Yogi around the club, and if you have a spare hour or so, please ask him when he will be planting his Brassica’s.

All the fresh produce from the kitchen garden will be used in our restaurant and our chef Mercedes is already devising some new recipes for her famous home-made soups.




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