Imber Groundsman Calendar

As Christmas is approaching a few of our members have asked what next year’s nominated charity will be for Imber. Well that got us thinking as to ways that we could raise some money.

After a lot of thought and consideration we have decided that we should have an Imber Court Groundsmen Calendar. As we all know they are a very photogenic bunch and with the superb backdrop of the Imber Court grounds surely it cannot fail to make money for our chosen charity.

We have managed a few photo shoots so far…………

A spring month perhaps?
Danny as Mr November?
Mr Happy with his large John Deere for October

Any way if anyone is out and about in the grounds and manage to find one of our Groundsmen please take a picture and email them to me at the usual address

I will be sure to share…….




‘Imber Court Body Reboot’


Details of the Imber Court Body Reboot starting in the New Year

Let Imber Court structure your new year regime for your body reboot for FREE.

Do you need that bit of discipline by turning up once a week in our Gym to be ‘weighed in’ by Lee or Calum who will also be on hand for that extra bit of fitness and dietary advice.

Need some extra help , well make use of our fantastic Gym and Staff or some of our exercise and fitness classes that run weekly at Imber that are now offering 20% Discounts to all Imber Court members;

Clubbercise on Monday Nights  (20% Discount)

Zoe Hodgson’s Pilates on Wednesday mornings (20% Discount)

Tae Kwando on Wednesday evenings (20% Discount)

Circuit Training on Saturday mornings

and a range of Aqua Fit classes in our very own ImberPool on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

AquaFit at the ImberPool

There is no excuse – sign up to the Imber Court Body reboot today by going to the Imber office or ring on 0208 398 1267 x4



Benny the Imber Cat


Not very well known , not seen by many but ‘Benny’ our Imber Cat often does the night shift out on his beat patrolling the stables.

For those that have walked the beat on ‘nights’ know , it is a hard shift and a good excuse for a long sleep during the day. Benny needs no excuses and is often found sleeping in his favourite position on top of the photocopier.

TAE KWON-DO at Imber

Breakthrough Tae Kwon-Do is the longest running and most successful club in Surrey, being the only club to train a Double World and European Champion.


There are regular classes at Imber on Wednesday evenings for children and adults, so come and get fit and learn a Martial Art in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

For details of classes contact Andrew on 07904555780.

20% Discount to Imber Court Members



Imber Court Body Reboot

It has started early! The founder members of the Imber Court Fat Club  are off to an early start.

Clearly there has been a covert weigh in at Imber this week refereed by Lee one of our Fitness Instructors in the Gym. Rumour and speculation indicates that there is a significant financial incentive between the three of them

One source has been quoted “Those three need the head start and I hope the scales are up to it “

The Imber Court Body Reboot will start officially in January with weigh-ins in our Gym. It will be free to all Club Members.

There will also be a range of offers and discounts from our partners at Imber (Clubbercise, Crossfit, Pilates ) to name a few.

Not forgetting of course that we have our  Gym with two Fitness Instructors , our ImberPool  and the completely separate gym/fitness regime that the Imber Court Boxing Club offers.


Are they sweating or is it a healthy Glow?


Monday Nights at Imber are Clubbercise Nights. I went to see it last Monday and what a fun exercise session. It’s dark, it glows, it’s loud, it’s vibrant, it’s busy and everyone seemed to be having fun. I was almost tempted to join in myself ……for those getting involved in the Imber Court Body Reboot this could be the session for you?

and for Imber Court members there is a whopping 20% Discount

To find out more and book your class go to Clubbercise at Imber



New Fitness Regime

Further to the earlier post on the Imber Court Fat Club Calum was seen earlier today demonstrating some innovative fitness routines for our Fat Club Members


Wayne our Bar Manager has been heard to say that he would love to see Yogi with the mop in his hand – a fair challenge.

Anyway I have been told by the PC Brigade that the name Imber Court Fat Club needs to be changed.


Luckily at Imber we have some forward thinkers and we are now going to be re branded as the Imber Court Body Reboot. I understand Lee in the Gym is going to take the lead and there will be a launch in the New Year. As soon as I hear more I will let you know.