Dispelling The Myths & Rumours

Imber Court is being sold to build a new Housing Estate!

Imber Court is to be become a ‘Free School’

Neither are True.

In August 2015 we signed a 35 year lease to guarantee our occupation at Imber Court as a sports and recreation club. We are here until at least 2050



Imber Court is a Club for Police Officers only


Absolutely Not True

For a number of years Imber Court has welcomed local residents as members of our Club. At the last count there are over 500 individuals, partners and families at Imber who are local residents. We have a real diversity of membership.

Imber Court is a Club with a police heritage which we are proud of. You will notice this as you use the Club House, the facilities and grounds as there are many artifacts, pictures etc reminding us of the heritage. The club is also home to the Metropolitan Police Rugby, Football, Cricket and Bowls Clubs. However due to our extensive facilities, football for example, we can also claim to be home to other football clubs such as Weirside Rangers FC and Maori Vets FC.

In respect of our history the land was purchased in 1919 with the original purpose of providing a training centre for the Metropolitan Police Mounted Branch.  However not all the land was required and in the early 1920’s much of the land and meadows were turned into playing surfaces with monies that police officers donated themselves. A donation from The National Police Fund also paid for the building of the main clubhouse.

The Club was officially opened on 11th June 1929 by H.R.H. Prince George and has operated as a sports and recreation facility since then.

Over the intervening years the Club has operated (as it still does today) as a non-profit making entity. This means any profits made (through our commercial activities) are always ploughed back into the Club, enhancing the facilities for its users.

Becoming a member at Imber Court is a straight forward process and if you are interested pop in and talk to our staff, visit our website www.imbercourt.com or ring the office on 0208 398 1267 x 4 and ask for Julie our membership secretary.


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