Welsh Guards Memorial Day

Today at Imber we hosted the Welsh Guards Memorial Day remembering the attack by a German Flying Bomb that occurred at Imber on the 30th June 1944 taking the lives of many Guardsman. For further detail of events of that tragic day please see the the blog titled Doodlebug Alley

Our Manager, Michael Kerslake attended the ceremony today and has been presented with a plaque by the Welsh Guards in thanks to our staff and members for our ongoing support and care of their memorial which is set in our grounds.



Imber Kitchen Garden

The first crops from the Imber Court Kitchen Garden have been harvested and taken into the Café Metropole.

Chef Mercedes eagerly grabbed the bountiful harvest and before you could say “haute cuisine” there was a refreshing Broad bean and Mint soup on the menu.

Our deep filled sandwiches are now packed full of salad leaves from the Imber Court Kitchen Garden Salad beds.

Weirside Vets sign off in style

Weirside Vets, who have been playing at Imber for the last 15 years had their last game of the season this morning. A convincing 3-0 victory over Old Hookonians Vets.

A special occasion today as we also saw our very own Joe Pagetti having a run out for the team. Joe will be celebrating his 80th Birthday later in June with a huge party here at Imber. An event not to be missed.

Joe celebrating with a Cuba Libra in the Imber bar this afternoon following his run out today for the Weirside Vets.

Imber Bees


The Honey Bees have arrived at Imber. The first hive is now in place and will shortly be joined by a second. The bees are quite active as I understand Simon and Calum have found out……

Yogi will be our resident Bee Keeper mentored by one of our members who has been keeping bees for years.

The hives are placed over the back of the club near the footbridge to 40 acres.

Imber Honey  will soon be on display in the Metropole and will be available to members who may wish to make a contribution to the Met Police Widows and Orphans fund.